Monday, 12 November 2012

Teeth are very important part of our personal look and life. They give us self-confidence and substantially they form a part of our quality of life. Teeth help us for full-value biting, pleasant smile, right and understandable expression and last but not least natural feeling. A pleasant smile also helps others become calm and energetic.

Tooth whitening is an effective treatment in cosmetic dentistry and should only be performed by a qualified dental professional, who would have had sufficient training and experience.                    

Laser tooth whitening is otherwise known as Laser tooth bleaching. Laser whitening is the one of the advanced methods available for dental whitening. Laser for tooth whitening makes the dentistry field to painless. Rubber cap is placed to protect the gums from the laser. Laser dental whitening treatment involves using a beam of special laser light on the required areas of the mouth.

Dental bleaching involves mainly two steps, one is teeth cleaning in which the dentist removes the plaque and germs present in the teeth that have a major effect in the whitening process. Next is the application of gel and laser treatment when the dentist applies the gel and positions the teeth for laser treatment. Tooth whitening laser method begins by using bleaching agents like hydrogen peroxide gel or carbamide peroxide gel on the tooth enamel. The applied gel is then activated using a controlled laser light. Laser dental bleaching is more effective methods of tooth whitening treatment. When your tooth whitening is done with lasers, you are almost guaranteed to get a much more reliable result with much less discomfort.

The main advantage of teeth whitening with laser is that it is very fast and instant positive results on the spot. It usually takes about 45 to 1 hour for the teeth to be fully whitened through this method after which your teeth will remain white for several years.

Laser teeth whitening is considered to be the safest method of teeth whitening. The reason as to why laser teeth whitening are very safe is performed by professionals who are specifically trained on how to whiten teeth with laser equipment.

Laser teeth whitening is a low-sensitivity procedure. It is a procedure that involves no complications at all in that you won’t need to inject with anesthesia in order to be operated on. The procedure is very simple and is not painful at all.

Cost of laser tooth whitening depends upon the method of laser treatment. Usually the cost of laser tooth whitening depends on the number of sittings required for each patient.
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